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JF 17 thunder PAF block 2 ceremony to roll out 50th plane

Prime Minister nawaz  sharief was invited on the ceremony of roll out of 50th plane and a presentation was given to them by the PAC that Pakistan has achieve the target of manufacturing the 50 JF 17 planes and in future more 200 jf 17 will be manufactured. Pakistan has been start work on the block 2 of JF 17 fighter with the help of china. This plane is capable of fighting both in air to air and air to land. Multiple types of missiles can be carried by this fighter, light weight and can fight in all weather day as well as in night. Further PAF explain to them that Pakistan will start soon the export of JF 17 thunder and achieve the goal to manufacture 100% in Pakistan. For the export of J-f 17 thunder Pakistan and china have made a company that will be responsible for the all export matters of JF 17. 

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JF-17 in karachi

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